Bogess Savings promotion



How much discount are my points worth?

Every 100 points is worth € 1. So if you have saved 3000 points, for example, you can get € 30 discount on your next purchase. An overview can be seen in the table.

Score Discount
100 € 1, -
500 € 5, -
1000 € 10, -
2000 € 20, -
2500 € 25, -
3000 € 30, -



How can I save?

Bogess Savings Methods Number of points to receive
Review 30 points
Acquisition Each euro is worth one point, eg € 100 = 100 points
Recommend us 100 points
Birthday 100 points
Student 100 points per month as a gift
Like our Facebook page 30 points
Follow us on Instagram 30 points
Create Account 150 points
Target use 100 points when completing 5 orders 
Target order 250 points for a spend of € 1000


How can I view my points?

There is an orange button at the bottom right of the website. If you click on this you can view your saved points. 


That's how you earn points

You automatically participate if you have an account with Bogess. When registering you will be welcomed with 150 points. Then you earn points with every purchase, review and referral. 


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Shop the best deals

Earning points is very simple and easy; You get points for every purchase. The number of points depends on your purchase. You can exchange your Points for a discount on various sneakers on the bogess website.


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